​​​ Date 
 August 19th Western
 4doz/4doz, 30/20 yards +

 August 26th Long Metric
 3doz/3doz, 30/20 meters +
Handicap Competition

 September 2nd


 4doz/2doz, 30/20 yards +

 September 9th
 Western 4doz/4doz, 30/20 yards +

 September 16th
 Windsor 3doz/3doz /3doz, 30/20/10 yards +

 September 23rd
Circumstances permitting
 September 30th
 Western 4doz/4doz, 30/20 yards +
Silver Arrow Award

The Bowmen of Warrington calendar below highlights all of the club's forthcoming activities as well as 'other club' competitions that are available to Bowmen of Warrington members. 

Shooting Calendar

Check football schedules below to see if the far end of the field is in use.

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