Bowmen of Warrington

252 Award Scheme

Bowmen of Warrington are pleased to introduce the 252 Award Scheme. 

How Does It Work?

Archers may claim the award for a given distance after twice achieving a score of 252 for 3 dozen arrows

The 252 threshold applies to the recurve bow style only; different scores are required for other bow styles as shown below

The two scores must be achieved on two separate days and must use the same bow style

The three dozen arrows may be shot as a stand-alone event, or as the first three dozen of a longer imperial round

Standard imperial event rules for sighters and scoring apply and witnessed score sheets must be submitted to support the claim

Beginners must claim the awards in sequence, 20yds, 30yds, 40yds and so on

Experienced archers may start at a longer distance with agreement from the records officer, but badges for shorter distances will not be automatically awarded. (They may however be purchased

for a small fee )

The awards by bow type are as follows:


The 252 Award scheme is designed to reward achievement and progress from shorter to longer distances, with badges awarded for archers achieving the required score at distances from 20 yards up to 100 yards.