I've shot before, but not for a long time and would like to get back into it. Could I just join the club ?

One of our coaches would need to assess your competence and then dependent on the outcome you would either be able to join or attend a new beginners course.

You are welcome to visit during our regular shooting times, as shown on the home page, talk to us and get introduced to archery.  Sunday is the best day to meet us, as we generally have coaches and more members available.  Alternatively, contact us using the web form or email address on the contact us page.

If you decide you’d like to try it, please enquire about our six-week training courses, which run on Sunday mornings between 10.00 am and 12:00 noon.  These are Archery GB approved and run by qualified coaches and we provide all the equipment.  The cost for the six weeks is £50 for adults or £25 for juniors (aged between 10 and 17).  Our documents page includes the necessary forms to apply for training courses and membership.  We ask for a £10 deposit to confirm your place and the balance is due on the first day.

We generally run two or three courses per year, Spring to Autumn, and can accommodate around 10 archers for each.  The courses are very popular, so your first choice of dates may not be available.

​Courses for 2020 are now fully-booked, we will announce dates for next year nearer the time.

At the end of the training course, you will be deemed ready to join the shooting line as a full member and begin gaining experience. Once started you can choose which type of archery you prefer, we'll help you to choose your kit and provide appropriate additional coaching as you gain experience. 

If you have completed an Archery GB approved course at another club, you are also welcome to join us once one of our coaches has assessed your shooting.

If you have any questions, no matter how basic or complex they may be - email us at info@bowmenofwarrington.co.uk and we'll be only too pleased to help.

Traditional - this discipline accounts for any bow you would possibly consider old fashioned - so basically a piece of wood with string. Old style medieval longbows, American flat bows and any other European wooden or composite bows are included. Sights are generally not used.

FAQs :​

Training Courses

What does it cost ?

It's down to you. Costs for equipment is varied from a basic recurve setup from about £200, to top of the range kit the pro's use, costing up to a couple of thousand.To begin with, all the equipment is supplied by the club and once qualified you can become a full member which costs around £50 to join the National and Regional governing bodies, and then £8 per month. You'll more than likely want to buy your own equipment and you would need to go to a local reputable archery shop and get measured for your bow - that's right, as humans are different sizes, so are bows and arrows - we will explain how it all works when we see you.

What are the facilities like ?

We have the use of the school playing fields for our outdoor shooting which is approximately the size of 6 rugby pitches. This allows us to shoot out to 100 yards which is the maximum distance. We also have the use of an indoor gym for short range shooting - 20 yards. There is plenty of space for parking too.

Bowmen of Warrington

How safe is it ?

A bow in the wrong or inexperienced hands can be a dangerous weapon. This is why you must complete a beginners course before joining our club. It's on this course where we ensure you fully appreciate and understand the potential dangers and pitfalls. after your course we'll then assign a 'buddy' to you to assist you with any queries you have or advice you may need. Our coaches are fully trained and go to great lengths to create a safe environment for you to enjoy your archery.

Junior members also need to be accompanied by a responsible adult. Archery is a very safe sport and we take members and visitors safety very seriously - after all, we want you to enjoy it and stay with us for a long time.

Compound - shorter than a recurve and has cams at the bottom and top of the riser, which aid with the string draw/pull. These bows virtually always use scope sights similar to a rifle. Heavier draw weights are possible / easier with this type.

​What are the main types of bow ?

​​Recurve - has a centre piece (riser) you hold onto with top and bottom curved (limbs) pieces which the string loops over. Can also have a sight if wanted. Sometimes uses stabiliser rods as well to help balance it. You generally need to assemble before use.

How fit do you have to be and are there age limits ?

Anyone in reasonable health should be able to take part in archery, unless you had specific ailments which would prevent you - your GP could obviously advise you. To start with bow draw weights (the poundage you can actually draw the string back at) are relatively low and you build up to weights you are comfortable with.

We do however have a minimum age of 10 for children, as the sport does require the ability to concentrate for 2 or more hours, and sufficient height and strength to draw a bow.

We have coaches on hand at all times and you will be supervised with expert help - our main aim is to ensure you enjoy yourself in a safe and friendly environment.